about eastern fisheries

Fishing Fleet

Eastern's 26 vessels fish the North Atlantic, the world's most fertile scallop grounds. Our roots are in the fishing business, and still today, our boats provide us with our most significant competitive advantage. As boat owners, we are able to control product handling and quality from the moment each scallop is harvested to the point it is delivered to you.

We monitor our boats 24 hours a day using Boatracs, a vessel monitoring system (VMS) that relays information via satellite. This pinpoint fishing knowledge gives Eastern critical supply and market insights.

Fleet Trivia

  • Eastern’s waterfront facilities along New Bedford’s North and South Terminals provide all of the necessary dock space for its 26 vessels.
  • F/V Neskone is the last name of Eastern’s co-owner, Roy Enoksen, spelled backwards; F/V Araho is the last name of Eastern’s co-owner, Frank O’Hara, spelled backwards.
  • Astronomy has influenced a number of boat names, including F/V Polaris, named after the Little Dipper’s outermost star; F/V Nashira, for the star in the constellation Capricornus; and F/V Arcturus, for the first-magnitude star in the constellation Boötes.

View photos of each of our 26 fishing boats