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At Eastern Fisheries our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood to all markets worldwide by harvesting and importing seafood from the richest and most sustainable sources globally and applying a vertically integrated, hands-on, business approach to ensure the very best management for all aspects of the operation.

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About Eastern Fisheries

Who We Are

Eastern Fisheries, headquartered in New Bedford, MA is a vertically integrated, global supply leader in the seafood industry and a trusted seafood source to some of the largest retailers, food service distributors and wholesalers in the world. Founded in 1978 by Roy Enoksen and Frank O’Hara, Eastern Fisheries harvests, imports, and distributes premium seafood worldwide. Today Eastern operates facilities in the U.S.A., China, Europe, and Japan.

Corporate Organization

Eastern Fisheries grew out of a practical collaboration between business owners Roy Enoksen and Frank O’Hara, both of whom brought to the venture their own seafood industry experience. Today, the Eastern Fisheries Group continues to benefit from the expertise of its family of related companies, whose services range from ice production to vessel ownership and repair to seafood sales and processing across the globe.


Eastern Fisheries’ strategically developed global footprint provides logistical benefits to our customers worldwide.

Nordic Fisheries

Eastern Fisheries President Roy Enoksen was born in Norway to a family that had been in the fishing industry for generations. Enoksen founded Nordic Fisheries in 1968 and purchased his first scalloper that same year. The first boat, christened the F.V. Sea Trek, was based in New Bedford, Mass.

O’Hara Corporation

Founded in 1907 by Frank O’Hara, the O’Hara Corporation established itself in the fishing industry by owning and operating fishing boats and buying and selling fish in the Boston area. Over the course of the early to mid 1900s, O’Hara Corporation spread from Boston into the Maine towns of Portland, Eastport, and Rockland, eventually establishing its headquarters in Rockland.

Adjusting to the ever-changing fish business, the company currently operates a fishing fleet on the West Coast, where its catcher-processors participate in the Alaska groundfish fishery. On the East Coast, the company operates scallop and herring vessels.

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Eastern Fisheries, Inc.

Eastern Fisheries is a privately owned, family operated, vertically integrated seafood company. Founded in 1978, Eastern is the world’s largest harvester, importer and processor of scallops and has become a globally recognized and trusted seafood source for retailers and food service companies world wide. Eastern’s vertically integrated business approach manages to ensure the highest quality control, cost effectiveness and availability of products while minimizing logistic issues.

Eastern Fisheries Europe (EFE)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Fisheries, Eastern Fisheries Europe was founded in 2015. EFE supports European sales and distribution for Eastern’s scallop business.

Dalian Far Eastern Shores Seafood Company (DFE)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Fisheries, Far Eastern Shores Seafood Co. was founded in August 2006 and is Eastern’s strategic sales and processing arm in China.

Far Eastern Shores Seafood supervises the scallop and flatfish operations in Zhuanghe, China where Eastern has two state-of-the-art processing plants.

New Bedford Ice & Cold Storage

Founded in 2002, New Bedford Ice & Cold Storage is a division of Eastern Fisheries.  The company consists of New Bedford Cold Storage, cold storage with a 2000-pallet capacity and New Bedford Ice, which produces over 200 tons of ice daily and provides ice directly to the fishing vessels and seafood processing plants throughout New England.

“The future of our industry is dependent upon the ability to protect our oceans period.”

— Roy Enoksen, Founder Eastern Fisheries


Eastern Fisheries, Inc, is committed to providing our customers with sustainable seafood – seafood that is protected from being overfished through regulated fishery management programs and to harvest our fish using safe fishing practices to minimize damage to our marine environment.

Quality Assurance

Eastern Fisheries is proud to have earned the globally recognized certifications that ensure our factories operate using the strictest safety and quality standards.

The same stringent standards are implemented at all of Eastern’s facilities, ensuring a consistent quality product is delivered to our customers world wide.