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At Eastern Fisheries our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood to all markets worldwide by harvesting and importing seafood from the richest and most sustainable sources globally and applying a vertically integrated, hands-on, business approach to ensure the very best management for all aspects of the operation.


Seafood is inspirational. Whether it’s a fresh, light summer shellfish recipe or a rich and bold flavored wintertime dinner, cooking and enjoying seafood begins with the confidence to prepare a delicious recipe with quality seafood. Start here with recipes created by our own Master Chef!


Whether you choose sea scallops or the smaller sized bay scallops the delicately sweet flavor will lift your dish from ordinary to extraordinary!

Pacific Cod

Cod has been the ubiquitous New England fish, and there is good reason. This firm, lean white fish has a very mild sweet, fresh taste that lends itself perfectly to many different flavors and menu trends.


Used in a wide variety of kitchen applications, flounder and sole are two fillets that can be used in everything from bakes to fish cakes to stews. A great, low fat option that is only limited in the kitchen by your inspiration.