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At Eastern Fisheries our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood to all markets worldwide by harvesting and importing seafood from the richest and most sustainable sources globally and applying a vertically integrated, hands-on, business approach to ensure the very best management for all aspects of the operation.

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Eastern’s flatfish program offers, frozen-at-sea, wild-caught, MSC certified flatfish from the icy cold waters of Alaska. Eastern’s co-owner, O’Hara Corp., owns and operates the catcher/processor vessels that harvest our flatfish. The catch is gutted and cleaned and immediately frozen at sea to lock in freshness, then it is redistributed to our USA or China facility, based on customer specifications, for filleting and packing.

The mild flavor and consistent availability make our Alaskan flatfish a smart and economical choice for foodservice managers and retailers.

Due to the well-managed fishery, Alaskan flatfish populations are at healthy levels. Scientists actively monitor the catch to ensure it doesn’t exceed harvest limits and to help set sustainable catch limits for the following season.  

Yellowfin Sole
(Limanda aspera)

  • Most abundant flatfish species in the eastern Bering Sea
  • Smallest of Pacific sole species, averaging 2-4 oz.
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Delicate texture
  • Year-round availability

(Hippoglossoides elassodon)

  • Larger sized flatfish, ranges from 4-8 oz.
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Firm texture
  • Year-round availability

Rock Sole
(Lepidopsetta bilineata)

  • U.S. account for the majority of the worldwide harvest of Rock Sole
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Medium texture
  • 4 – 8 oz
  • Year-round availability

(Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus)

  • Slightly larger sized fillets, 5 oz. – 8 oz.
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Lean white meat
  • Medium texture
  • Year-round availability